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Studio X supports both federal and enterprise organization on leading edge initiatives in the digital manufacturing space. Through a deep understanding of advanced manufacturing technologies, Studio X enables clients to leverage the benefits of digital manufacturing by providing a flexible array of differentiated services that align both design and manufacturing constraints to achieve tangible advancements in product innovation.

Workflow Automation

Through parametric scripting, Studio X can simplify complex design and manufacturing processes into a single, simplified workflow. Automating tasks such as file creation, machine code generation, and many more help organizations realize critical time savings.

Product Customization

Studio X helps drive customization into your workflow by linking data to key design parameters. Whether driven directly from the customer or by historical data sources Studio X creates a seamless, customer-centric approach. 

Lattice Materials

Developing the right lattice material for you application can be difficult and time consuming. Through in house testing, DoE and data evaluation, Studio X can rapidly identify the optimal lattice material for your application. 

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