Design. Optimize. Manufacture.

GL Innovation is a collaborative special projects team that works to transform both the digital and physical worlds around us. Placing an emphasis on solving new and emerging challenges within the Digital Manufacturing Space, GL Innovation partners with companies around the world to ideate, materialize and scale bold new technology that simplifies the complex.

GL Innovation Program

Kickstart your additive exploration with GL's accelerated Innovation Program. Work directly with the GL team to understand the foundations of creating a successful additive product and build early state concepts to build a strong business case for your idea.

1. Schedule a

It all starts with an exploratory call where the GL team can better understand each application and organization's requirements and goals.

2. Set Project

After the initial call, GL will provide a proposal including the scope of work, deliverables, and timeline. Typical Innovation Programs are 4-8 weeks long depending on the requirements.

3. Program

After the project scope is approved and agreed upon, the project begins!


Offering a Complete Solution

Additional Services


Assess current product development cycle and develop future-state production framework for integration of additive manufacturing.


Work as an extension of client design team to develop innovative future-state designs utilizing General Lattice design software


Validate hardware and material platforms for commercial viability. Develop and validate product designs for scaled production


Build cost effectiveness analyses of vendor network across a multitude of manufacturing and production partners.