Accelerating the Digital Age

General Lattice works on internal and collaborative R&D initiatives that accelerate the way products are designed, optimized and manufactured. Change is on the horizon.

Lattice Super-Materials

Lattice structures provide the unique ability to extend application performance beyond base material properties. Understanding how variables such as lattice type, scale, density, and thickness can be programmed to alter performance is a critical aspect of latticing.

Below is a lattice swatch builder that demonstrates of how unit cell type, x y z divisions, and thickness can be adjusted to control effective density.

R&D Focus Areas

Design x Engineering

Computational design and engineering enables the use of data to systematically drive decision making in the the design process. Through automation, computational design and engineering can be used to rapidly evaluate, test and select optimal solutions.

Digital Manufacturing

Digital Manufacturing ties together the digital and physical worlds. Through improved communication and reduced translation designs can quickly move from ideation to physical product.

Lattice Structures

Lattice structures provide an abundance of opportunity for advancement and innovation, but remain relatively unexplored. At General Lattice we are obsessed with uncovering these opportunities and passionate about delivering latticed solutions at scale.

The Power of Additive Manufacturing (AM)

Improved Performance

Move beyond current manufacturing design constraints and improve application performance through lattice structuring and part consolidation.

On-Demand Manufacturing

Total supply chain flexibility. With no setup requirements, quickly scale production up and down with the ability to manufacture on-demand.

Mass Customization

Without the need for tooling or molds, AM provides the unique ability to enable mass customization with one-to-one personalized products at no increased per unit cost.