Computational Design x Digital Manufacturing

The General Lattice Studio Team offers additive manufacturing product design and digital manufacturing expertise. We work with designers and engineers to advance the way products are designed, built and automated through the use of digital design tools.

Prototyping /
Material & Hardware Identification

Select the Optimal Solution

With a complex web of hardware and material providers, it can become overwhelming when selecting ideal candidates.

General Lattice maintains a deep industry network, keeping up to date on the latest technology available.

In addition, General Lattice's network includes a wide range of contract manufacturers ready to support your application from prototyping to scaled production.


Lattice as a Service (LaaS)

Applications that Scale

One of the pillars of success for additive manufacturing is reducing the amount of material. This can often be accomplished by integrating a lattice structure, but they offer many more benefits and opportunities than simple mass reduction!

- Improved performance
- Increased production throughput
- Cost reduction
- Lightweight

General Lattice has spent years developing computational design tools to support lattice structure design and integration.


Workflow Automation

Work Smarter Not Harder

To truly leverage the benefits of digital manufacturing, General Lattice offers workflow automation tools and custom software development services. Take out the human labor in complex design scenarios or seamlessly integrate data into the design process.

-Explore many more design options
-Utilize data to drive the design process
-Automate repetitive tasks
-Support product personalization and customization


AM Strategy Development

A Path Toward Success

When investigating additive manufacturing as a production solution, there are many variables to consider. What printer technology? What material? What are the design considerations for additive manufacturing? Are there additional opportunities that I don’t know about? Should I buy a printer or find a supplier?

General Lattice works with organizations to develop strategies, processes, structural changes, and skillsets, to enable a scalable and sustainable future-state framework.