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A powerful suite of Additive Manufacturing (AM) software and APIs that enable businesses to design, optimize and manufacture for the future

Advanced AM Lattice Toolkit

GL Studio is a suite of Additive Manufacturing toolkits that integrate directly into existingCAD platforms. Augmenting native CAD features, GL Studio enables users to leverage the power of Additive Manufacturing by providing the ability to create powerful lattice geometries using 100% native CAD data.
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Move from design to manufacturing without ever converting to an STL


Operates directly inside native CAD platforms


A design and engineering core delivering unprecedented control

The Power of Two

Offered as a plug-in for McNeel's Rhino, GL Studio augments existing Rhino functionality and provides users powerful, intuitive latticing tools that make innovating with AM remarkably easy, while at the same time providing superior control and accuracy.

Rhino is a 3D CAD modeling software that enables users to create, edit, analyze, and translate NURBS curves, surfaces and solids. Providing a wide array of tools and features, along with support for 3rd party applications, Rhino offers the ability to create highly dynamic and personalized workflows all in a single platform.

Built for AM from the ground up, GL Studio democratizes the lattice design process providing powerful, intuitive latticing tools. Using 100% native CAD data, GL Studio works inside of Rhino and enables users to seamlessly integrate advanced lattice designs into larger part files or assemblies with the ability to execute downstream CAD features.

GL Innovation is a special project team focused on advancing the Additive Manufacturing industry. Interested in starting a project or becoming a GL Innovation Member?
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Powerful APIs built to support the future of AM applications

Kernel agnostic and working directly with native CAD data, GL API's are built to augment existing software functionality or create entirely new applications.
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Client Applications


Augment platform functionality to support the next generation of manufacturing.


Automate workflows and integrate customer data to offer on-to-one personalized products at scale.


Provide customers powerful build prep tools that work directly with native CAD data (no file conversion).