General Lattice develops digital material solutions enabling creators around the world to push new boundaries.

General Lattice designs and builds leading digital manufacturing software enabling creators around the world to push the boundaries of innovation.

Our Story

Founded in 2018,General Lattice is a Chicago based, computational design and digital manufacturing company that accelerates the understanding and adoption of advanced lattice technologies. Providing both service-based and commercial software solutions, General Lattice helps its customers design, prototype, and scale additively manufactured applications. 

Maintaining an agnostic approach to industry standard hardware and materials, General Lattice’s technical infrastructure enables it to support a broad mix of industries including automotive, aerospace and defense, medical device, and consumer goods.

Meet the Team

Nick Florek Portrait

Nick Florek

Co-Founder, CEO

As Co-Founder and CEO of General Lattice, Nick is responsible for managing the company’s overall business operations, ensuring personnel and objectives are properly resourced and in alignment with both short-term and long-term strategies. Additionally, Nick leads the commercialization of the company’s software, GL Frontier, developing successful sales and marketing strategies that drive long term growth for the business. Prior to joining General Lattice, Nick spent 2 years working in the steel fabrication industry where he led key supply chain initiatives and executed both tactical and strategic strategies to achieve company goals. Nick is a driven leader with a proven ability to lead technical teams across business objectives.

Alex Rhoades Portrait

Alex Rhoades

Co-Founder, COO

As Co-Founder and COO of General Lattice, Alex is focused on strategic partnership development and government client development through tactical application of current and future technology initiatives. Alex leads federal projects requiring multi-disciplinary and multi-organizational teams that rapidly advance the MRL and TRL progression and increase probability of advanced manufacturing adoption. Alex has worked for top tier manufacturing companies including Toyota leading multiple teams on process improvement and product development initiatives that increased operating efficiencies. Alex’s previous experience demonstrates a successful history of project management and communication.

Marek Moffett Portrait

Marek Moffett

Co-Founder, CINO

As Co-Founder and CINO of General Lattice, Marek is focused on the development of advanced design tools and processes to generate lattice architectures. Applying over seven years of Additive Manufacturing R&D experience with a wide variety of technologies, Marek oversees software development, application identification, and the overall technical and creative direction through a deep focus on innovation and R&D. Over the past three years, Marek has worked with the General Lattice team to develop IP for the commercially available software tools that are being used in the market and government contracts today.




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The General Lattice executive team