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General Lattice awarded US Army contract to develop 3D printed combat helmet

By combining the capabilities of its CAD integrated software platform and 3D printing, General Lattice is looking to replace traditional foam material with advanced lattice geometries that are impossible with conventional manufacturing technologies…to ‘enhance soldier protection and survivability for the warfighter.’

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General Lattice Secures Contract with the U.S. Army to Improve Energy Absorption of Next Generation Combat Helmet with 3D Printing

Lattice materials will revolutionize the way companies manufacture new innovative products across all commercial, industrial, and military markets.

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General Lattice raises $1 million in pre-seed funding led by AP Venture

This latest fundraising round will enable General Lattice to invest resources into a recently secured R&D contract with the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Soldier Center (DEVCOM SC).

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General Lattice to “facilitate the widespread adoption of am” after raising $1m

When installed as a plug-in for the Rhino 3D modeling software, the company says that its platform allows adopters to “move beyond traditional design constraints,” and enter “next-gen applications.”

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US Army to Explore 3D Printed Helmets with General Lattice

By customizing the size of a helmet, 3D printing could bring a lot of advantages to protective head gear.