Advanced Computational Design Services

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A Path to Production

Digital Materials have the unique ability to positively impact the world at scale. GL Labs team is dedicated to simplifying the adoption of Additive Manufacturing and Digital Materials enabling customers to scale into production.


GL Labs support a broad base of both federal and commercial clients.


Digital Material Development and Integration

Developing the right lattice material for your application can be difficult and time consuming. Through in house testing, DoE and data evaluation, GL Labs can rapidly identify the optimal lattice material for your application.

Workflow Automation

Through parametric scripting, GL Labs can simplify complex design and manufacturing processes into a single, simplified workflow. Automating tasks such as file creation, machine code generation, and many more help organizations realize critical time savings.

Manufacturing and Supply Chain Support

Our comprehensive manufacturing and supply chain support service connects you with a global network of experienced contract manufacturers to help take your product from concept to production, ensuring quality, efficiency, and scalability at every step.

Digital Tooling

Digital tooling provides customers with customized design templates that enable efficient and repeatable production. With full ownership of the intellectual property within the Digital Tool, clients can rely on General Lattice for ongoing maintenance and support to ensure seamless order fulfillment. This significantly reduces the time and effort needed to establish additive manufacturing supply chains, allowing clients to focus on improving their product and growing their business.

How it works

01. Ideation

Initial concept development is conducted to understand client need and define the value of utilizing Additive Manufacturing (AM).

02. Iteration

Moving from concept to product development, physical samples are produced and iterated on until a final design is reached.

03. Validation

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are established and quality / manufacturability are confirmed through comprehensive testing and validation.

04. Production

"Digital Tooling" is completed and On-demand production begins.

Benefits of Digital Tooling

  • Digitally warehouse inventory for on-demand manufacturing
  • Rapidly shift supply chains based on changing environmental conditions
  • Deploy locally for near-shore manufacturing